CSSM Program


Once the candidate has successfully completed the Security Supervision and Management program, he or she may choose to apply to IFPO Europe to be accepted into the official CSSM certification program.

The program candidate must have six months previous security supervisory experience or equivalent, and submit the appropriate application and remit the certification fee to the IFPO.

Candidates accepted into this portion of the program are required to address 10 simulated workplace scenarios demanding supervisory/management action. 

(The workplace senarios will be provided by the IFPO Europe)

The candidate must describe the measures he/she deems appropriate for each scenario and substantiate the recommended actions by using the course text as supportive reference.


  • Course Objective: Obtain Certified In Security Supervision And Management (CSSM) designation.

  • Certification: The scenario material will be reviewed by the CSSM Certification Committee 

  • to determine eligibility for certification.

  • Re-certification: Three-year re-certification requirement will be required to re-certify on the three-year anniversary of their certification. (look at the re-certification document for details)

  • Course topics: The course Security Supervision and Management program include topics as: Interpersonal communications; Staff training and development; Motivation and evaluation; Security officer scheduling; Future of private security; Security personnel selection; Company policy and procedures; Investigations; Testimony in court; Statistical analysis; Risk management; Crisis management; Sexual harassment; Legal aspects of security; Security medical response; Designing operations centers; Managing/Supervising to reduce liability; Crime prevention/Community relations; Workplace violence; Security technologies; Testing for learning retention; Supervisor's role in training.


For more information about courses/training please contact IFPO Europe.


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