Recertification Program

In order to keep the highest standards of ethical and professional practice and to ensure to public that the security professionals don't misrepresent their qualifications or their status as a security professional.


The IFPO Board of Directors establishes and administers a voluntary certification process based on current and valid standards that measure competency in the practice of private security.

Because the IFPO Europe Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the credentials awarded, the Board has adopted a set of accountability standards related to the certification process. 


All individuals applying to, or certified by, the IFPO Board of Directors must comply with these standards.


It is likely that most professionals certified by the IFPO will belong to one or more professional security associations that have codes of ethics related to the profession and the practice of security. The IFPO Board of Directors, in contrast, focuses solely on actions and principles related to certification and the certification process.

However, the Board will consider taking action in those instances where: 

  • An individual holding an IFPO credential is disciplined or sanctioned for violation of the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice of his or her professional association.

  • Any organization involved in or connected to the profession, including regulatory agencies, takes action against an individual for reasons associated with professional misconduct, malfeasance, or unethical behavior.

The Board is most likely to act when an individual’s action clearly violates the integrity of the profession and/or universally accepted values and standards for the security profession. In nearly all such instances, an individual who violates a code of ethics that was signed voluntarily has breached IFPO’s core values of honesty and integrity.


Recertification occurs three years from the date of initial certification. It is available for three-year periods, for all IFPO Europe certificates.   

CPO – Certified Protection Officers must acquire 60 credits to recertify. Credits should be from more than one of the four areas. 

CPOI – Certified Protection Officer Instructors must acquire 60 credits to recertify. Credits must be from more than one of the four areas. 

CSSM – Certified Security supervisor Management must acquire 60 credits to recertify. Credits must be from more than one of the four areas. 



Credits may be counted toward more than one certification program. Copies of certificates, membership cards, letters, program brochures or other written documentation must accompany each submission.


How to request for re-certification, click here


Recertification form non members: click here

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