25/03/2023    |     Hand over IFPO Europe administration

Dear professional colleague,


After intensive meetings with IFPO International, we would like to inform you that the IFPO Europe Board decided to transfer execution of these activities towards IFPO International:

Centralized execution of IFPO education and IFPO certificate exams.
Centralized registration of IFPO certificates en extending those certificates.
Hosting of an IFPO Europe partition on the IFPO International website.


Reason of our decision is that IFPO International had the desire to centralize the complete database of IFPO certifications, to coordinate trainings from a central point and to exploit the IFPO EU website as a partition of the IFPO website.

This would have been too much work for our volunteer organization and this was the base of our decision to handover the whole package to IFPO International.

However, we will continue with organizing expert colleague meetings, though no longer only for IFPO certified colleagues: also for a broader audience.

What does this mean for you as a IFPO EU certificate holder:

You need to authorize us before May 1st 2023 to transfer your certificate information including your personal information towards IFPO International.
After this transition, IFPO International will register your certificate and the re-certification term.
IFPO International works with a 2 year re-certification term with a cost of $ 25. IFPO Europe will pay this fee towards IFPO International for all certificate holders who will transfer towards IFPO International. This means for all re-certifications in 2023, 2024 and 2025.
If you don’t authorize us to handover your information towards IFPO International will have the consequence that your IFPO certificate expires on the expiration date.
IFPO Europe will exist as a legal entity till December 31st 2023 to guarantee that you will have a point of contact during the transition period.
We hope you will use the opportunity to join our new ‘Certified Expert Register’ (work title), where we will continue to organize the well known professional peer meetings. Contribution to this new Register will be € 80,00 annually. 


Your actions:

You are requested to provide your authorization to transfer your certificate details towards IFPO International before May 1st 2023, via info@ifpoeurope.eu . When we don’t receive your authorization we consider this as a refusal to share the information and your IFPO certificate will expire per the expiration date.
We also like to hear via info@ifpoeurope.eu if you want to stay connected to our professional peer network, which will be under the flag of the ‘Certified Expert Register’.


We understand that this Board decision might lead to questions from your side? Please feel free to ask those questions via info@ifpoeurope.eu

We will also organize a peer meeting to provide information on the Board decision. This meeting is planned for April 26th 2023, 16:00 hours in the large meeting room of Raadhuis Vleuten, Pastoor Ohllaan 39, 3451 CB Vleuten. To register to this meeting go to Home (ifpoeurope.eu)


Kind regards, Board IFPO Europe


Raimond Pronk                                    Sherman Bonofacio                                         Ap Boom


International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)