24/12/2021    |     Xmas message 2021

Christmas 2021 is approaching, with family and friends, ...... But also this year different from what we are used to and certainly different from what we wanted. The same will soon apply to New Year's Eve.
Where are we at the moment, but above all where are we going, something we unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, do not yet have an answer to. Therefore, just like previous years, a few facts, which after all are already behind us and we can no longer change.
Corona / Covid-19 in all its variants has not gone away, keeps many in a stranglehold and causes grief and suffering, but especially hardening and misunderstanding.
The Capitol in Washington is stormed, President Donald Trump goes and Joe Biden comes. Newsreporters working worldwide under pressure todo their job and become injured or even murdered, extreme weather conditions with flood in parts of the Netherlands,  Belgium and Germany. The world withdraws from Afghanistan, leaving behind many, but especially those who stayed behind and their suffering.
Fortunately there were also positive moments in 2021 especially during sport events like the Olympic games, Euro football championship the Formula 1 or in your private life. Or it must be at least the one IFPO Europe old fashion breakfast meeting we had. 
All this gives a sparkle of hope for many and for some more positives the assurance that t still can!!!
We're going to get it done, together and all!!!
In light of all this and an unwavering confidence in the future, the IFPO Europe Board, like last year, is awarding a waiver of 20 Corona / CPE points, with this we hope and want to meet the need and desire for recertification.
With all the foregoing in mind, I would like to wish everyone, on behalf of the Board, the Secretariat, the Events Team, volunteers and partners, a great and beautiful Christmas, with family and friends, all the best wishes and of course a safe New Year. 
I hope to see you all again in 2022, to shake hands or welcome you with a so familiar breakfast meeting.
Give each other a little space, in mutual distance, but certainly with regard to everyone's ideas. 


International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)