19/12/2020    |     xmas message chairman IFPO

2020, ……. all in all a Year to remember, ……… and maybe to forget !!


Dear IFPO Europe Fellows,

Be it CPO or CPOI, CSSM, Student or Member in Good standing, this year has left it’s mark in many ways and forms on almost all of us. Some, more than others, have felt this year’s burden of Covid-19/Corona Pandemic, it’s effects and in the worst cases even it’s inevitable loss. Loss of friends, colleagues, maybe even family, but in just as many cases loss of work and future, both in goals, or in opportunities. 

As this year 2020 is coming to a close, it’s good to spare a moment to look back on this year’s highlights, however few that may have been. One of them being the introduction of our new “IFPO Europe Logo” soon to be, our “face of the Future”
But it’s among others also the Year of the letter “C” . “C” as in Certification, Certified, Corona & Covid, Climate, Classic Meeting, Circular-Economy, Conferencing digitally and Crisis.

Our World, as we know it, is in crisis. 
Be it terrorist-attacks, flooding, violence and protests or personal drama, the death, earlier this year of a Dad and todler (due to misplaced fireworks) or a passengerplane shot down by accident in Irak during hostilities. Numerous knife-attacks and shootings, take lives by the dozens, violence and intolerance everywhere. Ultimately culminating in the beheading of a teacher in France.  A truly tragic list of victims due to this senseless violence. 

Earthquakes and natural disasters strike worldwide countries and it’s people. Our peace and freedom, to be celebrated for the 75th time, passes silently and is a stark reminder of this most unusual of years. We haven’t seen the last of it, while preparing for mass-vaccination and possibly night-curfew and lock-down

For now let’s focus on Christmas and New-Years eve and 2021 !!
Let’s hope ALL of us, will be able to enjoy all of this with a small number of friends and Family and a large amount of hope and joy !!

With that in mind, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of YOU, our Colleagues, Friends, Members and Partners, Sponsors and Boardmembers and allow me to wish ALL of You a wonderful Christmas and a Safe New-Years eve, a prosperous and Good 2021 and most certainly, let’s meet next year, God bless !!


Raimond Pronk, Chairman IFPO Europe


International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)